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Re: job scheduling

--On September 7, 2008 12:02:49 PM +0200 Stefan <stefan@fuhrmann.homedns.org> wrote:

Am Samstag 06 September 2008 22:39:13 schrieb Michael Loftis:
If youlet us know what your'e trying to do maybe we can help better.
There are quite a few 'types' of job scheduling structures.  some, like
condor, are designed to try to distribute jobs, some are cluster
management systems designed to make sure all machines of class X run
script Y.  etc.

Yes, Im new to this szenarios. Yes what I need at first are job
scheduling  structures and cluster manangement are also interessting.
After abit  searching I found
http://jobscheduler.sourceforge.net for job scheduling. That looks very
good,  open source and it supports mysql.

Im thinking also about a cluster with multiple machines where I can run
distributed jobs, so Im scaleable for greater processing mechanism.
btw.  Is it better to run batch- jobs on a parallel- Cluster like beowolf?

Very application specific. There's no one answer. For some applications it's better to split the workload up into units, distributing units to each compute node (rendering computer graphics and animation, certain types of number crunching, lend themselves well to this) -- that's for workloads that a single job can take a single node days, weeks, or months. This requires an application that understands how to be split up like that. In workloads where the compute effort on each job is low, but there are many jobs, then scheduling a job as a whole makes more sense, spreading otu the many jobs across the available compute nodes. Job/Batch scheduling is like a non-interactive (or...less interactive) version of load balancing, though load balancing is part of job scheduling. Load balancing by itself can refer to other things (like HTTP or SMTP transactions being spread out over a cluster of identical machines).


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