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Re: job scheduling

Am Samstag 06 September 2008 22:39:13 schrieb Michael Loftis:
> If youlet us know what your'e trying to do maybe we can help better.  There
> are quite a few 'types' of job scheduling structures.  some, like condor,
> are designed to try to distribute jobs, some are cluster management systems
> designed to make sure all machines of class X run script Y.  etc.

Yes, Im new to this szenarios. Yes what I need at first are job scheduling 
structures and cluster manangement are also interessting. After abit 
searching I found 
http://jobscheduler.sourceforge.net for job scheduling. That looks very good, 
open source and it supports mysql.

Im thinking also about a cluster with multiple machines where I can run 
distributed jobs, so Im scaleable for greater processing mechanism.
btw.  Is it better to run batch- jobs on a parallel- Cluster like beowolf?


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