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RE: best FC-storage sharing/clustering techniques

Hi Jean-Paul,

With debian, LVS, and all other avail. softs, you can do it. But to be
able to scale, 
you'll have to work hard at it, otherwise, it'll never get simpler to

The other thing you might want to do is look at www.isilon.com storage
devices, we work 
with these as well as EMC & others, but for low cost serious filesystem
scalability, they 
can rock your world. Isilon are Infiniband interconnected appliances.

I use them fully synced with file/folder level data protection factors
of n+1 to n+4, around 
the world. I have not been deceived.

1h racking, 5 minutes to start a 32TB storage on a site, that's it,

They use OneFS with BSD, so outta the box, it's all web interfaced with
lots of nice features 
that would take you a lotta time to put together using GFS or Luster
based file systems, but 
on top of that, the OS is open! We install our own packaged applications
in it for additionnal 
monitoring, SNMP, etc... 

Some large networks using Isilon are for example Kodak (online picture
albums stuff) and Canon, 
plus many other ones of course.

If you want to add another 8TB to a 32TB site in one location for
example, you rack the unit, 
plug it in (power), turn it on, and you're done! Login, click "add node"
and smile while the 
FS gets fat before your eyes!

Throughput has been unreal for us. We use MANY heads-nodes cause each of
them will give you 
an additionnal "pipe" for I/O. So, you could have for example 32TB made
of 4 8TB nodes, getting 
4x the I/O, but if you do 32TB made of 4 8TB nodes + 4 metadata server
nodes, you get 8x the I/O.

Configuration and design is the key, but sooo simple. 

Martin Houle
N.E.S.T. Solutions
Networking Electronics Security Telecoms
:: Owner & Founder  :: Senior *nix Systems & Network Administrator ::
E-Mail : martin@nest-solutions.com
Web : http://www.nest-solutions.com

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