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Re: [OT] Recommendation for a bigger Switch

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Thomas Goirand schrieb:
| lists-debian-isp@liszt.debian.org wrote:
|> Well give the Linksys SRW2048 a look.
|> Maybe it's enought for what you need and it's < 650¬
|> greets Uwe
| Don't tell about this cr*p...
| We once purchased one, and the web interface doesnt' work with firefox,
| and reading the forums of Linksys, it doesn't even work with IE7. This
| is just crazy. Only IE6 seems working "well" with it (and maybe, for
| some of the pages, Opera, but I'm not 100% sure).
Hmm the bunch we got last year work just fine with firefox
| Yet continuing to read the forums of linksys, some users are complaining
| that under some fair load, banks of 8 ports starts to just fail without
| any reasons, and that reboots are often needed to make it work again. I
| don't want to experience this myself...
Looks like the got bad hardware.
We had only one problem with the web interface and got a hozfix for it in less then a week
| I think this switch is to avoid, if I have to spend 300 or 400 more
| euros to get a proper one, I'm going to do it.
As I sayed we don't have a single problem with ours they are running for over 11 Month now under heavy load
no hick ups, nothing.
| Thomas
greets Uwe
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