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Re: [OT] Recommendation for a bigger Switch

lists-debian-isp@liszt.debian.org wrote:
> Well give the Linksys SRW2048 a look.
> Maybe it's enought for what you need and it's < 650¬
> greets Uwe

Don't tell about this cr*p...

We once purchased one, and the web interface doesnt' work with firefox,
and reading the forums of Linksys, it doesn't even work with IE7. This
is just crazy. Only IE6 seems working "well" with it (and maybe, for
some of the pages, Opera, but I'm not 100% sure).

Yet continuing to read the forums of linksys, some users are complaining
that under some fair load, banks of 8 ports starts to just fail without
any reasons, and that reboots are often needed to make it work again. I
don't want to experience this myself...

I think this switch is to avoid, if I have to spend 300 or 400 more
euros to get a proper one, I'm going to do it.


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