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Dual ADSL modems


What I am about to ask I know is not Debian related, but I am hopping to discover someone who has familiar experience in what I am trying to accomplish. :)

What I want to setup is a redundancy for my ADSL connection. Here is the scenario.

I have 1 ADSL connection with a subnet of 8 ips. My ADSL modem sometime *freezes* or *drops out* for no reason. I have setup a dial in connection so I can software reboot the modem, but what I would like to have is two ADSL modems. This way when one drops out, the other can kick in with out affecting emails, hosting and so on.

I know you can not run two adsl connections on the same line, and this is not what I would like to achieve.

The ultimate solution which I would like is to have nagios constantly checking the active to modem to see if it is online. Then when it goes offline, just use a nagios plugin to send a command to tell the other modem to connect.

I know this most likely could not be done, but I have asked the right bunch of people for suggestions right (being Debian ISP), I do run Debian Etch, and I have about 5 dialup users.

Any suggestions, links or anything to point me in the right direction for some information would be great!!!! I hope I have been specific enough.

Kind regards,

Julian De Marchi

(My internet does not drop out *that* often, but I like to have redundancies where possible!)

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