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Re: Dual ADSL modems

--On August 13, 2007 4:45:37 PM +1000 Julian De Marchi <julian@jdcomputers.com.au> wrote:


What I am about to ask I know is not Debian related, but I am hopping to
discover someone who has familiar experience in what I am trying to
accomplish. :)

What I want to setup is a redundancy for my ADSL connection. Here is the

I have 1 ADSL connection with a subnet of 8 ips. My ADSL modem sometime
*freezes* or *drops out* for no reason. I have setup a dial in connection
so I can software reboot the modem, but what I would like to have is two
ADSL modems. This way when one drops out, the other can kick in with out
affecting emails, hosting and so on.

I know you can not run two adsl connections on the same line, and this is
not what I would like to achieve.

The ultimate solution which I would like is to have nagios constantly
checking the active to modem to see if it is online. Then when it goes
offline, just use a nagios plugin to send a command to tell the other
modem to  connect.

That's actually pretty easy to do. Nagios has what they call an 'Event Handler' that can be executed when state changes occur. Then all you have to do is execute your event handler on your DSL modem check/connectivity check, when the event handler sees a CRITICAL HARD state, have it kick the modem.

I know this most likely could not be done, but I have asked the right
bunch of people for suggestions right (being Debian ISP), I do run Debian
Etch, and I have about 5 dialup users.

Any suggestions, links or anything to point me in the right direction for
some information would be great!!!! I hope I have been specific enough.

Kind regards,

Julian De Marchi

(My internet does not drop out *that* often, but I like to have
redundancies where possible!)

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