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Re: Dual ADSL modems

On Mon, 13 Aug 2007 16:45:37 +1000, Julian De Marchi writes:
>What I want to setup is a redundancy for my ADSL connection. Here is the 
>I have 1 ADSL connection with a subnet of 8 ips. My ADSL modem sometime 
>*freezes* or *drops out* for no reason. I have setup a dial in 
>connection so I can software reboot the modem, but what I would like to 
>have is two ADSL modems. This way when one drops out, the other can kick 
>in with out affecting emails, hosting and so on.
>I know you can not run two adsl connections on the same line, and this 
>is not what I would like to achieve.

How'd you do that physically? The copper wire can only run into one 
 modem at a time. It _is_ imaginable to whack something together with 
 Lego MindStorm or the likes that un- and re-plugs the wire, and I'd be 
 very much amused to see it done, but I doubt it'd be a, hmm, practical 

Of course, you could get your ISP to run two different ADSLs to your 
 facility, and use the same login alternatingly, but those would run 
 together on the same DSLAM anyway, and through the same cable ducts.
 Much easier to buy a manageable power-strip from APC or the likes, and 
 hard-reset the ADSL modem with that.

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