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Re: Again, but with a twist: control panel

Steve Kemp wrote:
> On Thu Jul 05, 2007 at 17:10:28 +0100, Gavin Westwood wrote:
>>    If you do find something, I would appreciate if you point me in that
>>    direction.  If you would be interested in working with me find others and
>>    to develop this (maybe as a Sourceforge project), I would also be
>>    interested in hearing from you.
>   Everybody who starts down this path soon realizes that it is an insane
>  amount of work.  Especially if you don't have good abstraction in
>  place.

Watching our 60 000 lines of code, and knowing that we are about to
rewrite all from scratch (well, not exactly from scratch as we can still
read our current code), because it's becoming a messy code after 5
years, I couldn't agree more.

Also, I found it VERY silly to try to start from scratch a new project
alone, on your side, when there are lot's of projects out there were you
could contribute.


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