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Again, but with a twist: control panel

Hi colleagues,

We've successfully been doing Unix/Linux based hosting for many years now in a rather 'manual' environment whereby a bunch of custom made scripts/interfaces are used to manage all provisioning etc. Our growth however makes it difficult to keep on using this way of working. In the mean time our customers are becoming more and more demanding on having a 'control panel' so they can self-manage things like DNS and Email. So we are looking for kind of 'control-panel'.

Ideally, the solution should be quite 'lightweight' and doesn't try to do too much (like Plesk and things), but is even rather limited. Also it would be multi-server capable.

I didn't find anything yet on the Debian control panel list and neither on the web. The only solution up to know is in my opinion a custom solution.

We are also seeking a similar solution for Windows based hosting.

Thanks for your input!


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