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Re: Again, but with a twist: control panel

2007/7/6, Jogi Hofmüller <jogi@mur.at>:
Hi list!

My colleague started working on software that we are currently using to
manage most of our user's things here. It's written in python and works
on the commandline for the moment. Account and email related data lives
in LDAP.

We did some experiments on integrating this tool in a plone website, so
users could start manipulating their data. For lack of time/energy this
part is discontinued at the moment (our users are patient).

I've included my colleagues email as Cc so he can pick up this thread.
Please include his address in any further emails regarding this topic.


We simply use ISPconfig - migrated from a small-medium hosting server.

Wojciech Ziniewicz
Unix SEX :{look;gawk;find;sed;talk;grep;touch;finger;find;fl
ex;unzip;head;tail; mount;workbone;fsck;yes;gasp;fsck;more;yes;yes;eje
ct;umount;makeclean; zip;split;done;exit:xargs!!;)}

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