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Michelle Konzack wrote:
Am 2007-06-01 22:08:30, schrieb Jim Popovitch:
Yes.  I run a system with 1200+ users, that has been online for 7+
years, and never once has a spam email gotten through to the list
membership.  It is possible to run a public mailinglist that doesn't
pass spam through to the membership.

Subscribers only?

You are a dreamer, since I am on 117 Mailinglist currently and
"php", "postgresql" and others ARE subscriber only and I get per
month 2-10 Spams over the lists.  100% Spam-Free does NOT EXIST.

Does - only and if only you do have strictly 'human moderated' list.

By the way, Michelle, i think that even w/o real spam your mbox is quite hot :) How do you handle the regular traffic from > 50 lists?

Personally, i do have several mail addresses, forwarded to one 'main' - and two other to handle the 'business' mail.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
    Michelle Konzack
    Tamay Dogan Network
    Debian GNU/Linux Consultant

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