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> ++ 01/06/07 20:11 -0400 - Jim Popovitch:
> >> Hey, I thought they caught the spam king and we weren't going to get any
> >> more of this... :P
> [...]
> >through to the mailinglists, so it is a fixable problem.  If anyone
> >wants help fixing it, please let me know.
> [...]

On 02.06.07 13:33, Rejo Zenger wrote:
> I am not sure which mailinglist software is currently being used to run
> this mailinglist, I haven't even tried to figure out. However, most of
> the software, like mailman, allows to configure it to only post messages
> send to the list that are sent by subscribers - and dropping or handing
> over to the moderator the messages that are sent by non-subscribers.

This spammer _was_ subscribed to the list (and this is not the first time I
saw spammer subscribe to send spam). You can check for LDOSUBSCRIBER in
X-Spam-* headers to verity. So even disabling posts from non-subscribers
wouldn't help in this case.

Since this issue has been brought many times, I don't want to explain why
debian lists are open to non-subscribers.

According to listmasters, the spammer was unsubscribed and filtered off.
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