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Apache HTTPS POST limit?


I've noticed a strange problem with Apache2 and mod_ssl that I neither
grok nor find a solution for.

Apache2 is the current version in sid: 2.2.3-4

I'm trying to upload a large text (~20k) with lynx on a sid machine on
which the webserver is running.

    <form action=phptest.php method=post>

    <textarea name=body rows=16 cols=79></textarea><p>

    <p><center><input type=submit value="Insert">


When the form action is behind HTTPS uploading/loading is stalled and
the browser's waiting.  Finally there is a response but only ~12k of
the text are received.  When only uploading ~12kB the response is
immediate with the entire text received.

When I move the form action to HTTP the entire text is uploaded.

The same applies when the form action is a Perl script.  Inside HTTPS
only ~12k are received, longer texts are stalled and truncated, while
it works fine using HTTP.

Both was on the same host running sid.

Does anyone of you have an idea what could cause this behaviour?



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