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Re: Apache HTTPS POST limit?

PÁSZTOR György wrote:
> "Joey Schulze" <joey@infodrom.org> írta 2007-06-02 19:18-kor:
> [wrote a lot things]
> > Does anyone of you have an idea what could cause this behaviour?
> I just have an idea, to find the guilty part of your system.
> I assume, the problem is somewhere in your mod_ssl.
> So, to be sure about this, try to make an stunnel frontend before a not
> ssl-d apache port, and try to connect to the stunnel's listen port.
> So if the stunnel make you the ssl layer, and the same happens, maybe the
> problem is somewhere in the ssl layer, or with your client.
> If the thing works in this scenario, than we found a bug in apache's
> mod_ssl.

I did not manage to get this work with stunnel.

However, I forwarded the port with openssh and lynx could post the
entire content without problems.

That was a good tip.   It made me think trying another browser
and indeed with iceweasel/etch it is no problem to submit 30k
over https.

It looks like it's some kind of lynx limitation in the etch and
sid version.  Hmm, does not make too much sense since it used
to work.



PS: Do you mind me bouncing this to -isp so others can benefit from
our conversation as well?

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