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Re: PHP mail spam

Marek Podmaka wrote:
> Hello,
> Wednesday, May 23, 2007, 13:27:29, Thomas Goirand wrote:
>>>   I've seen *countless* problems with our customers using dotdeb
>>>  packages (on Sarge).  Mostly relating to MySQL + PHP4/5 upgrades.
>>>  Not all the packages were available or matched, so installing things
>>>  like php4-gd would get people in a real mess.
>>> Steve
>> Yes, me too. I will never tell somebody to use these *bad* packages.
>> Thomas
>   I don't know why I haven't got any problems (one box was originally
>   woody upgraded to sarge, others were sarge from the beginning). I
>   just replaced all original sarge php packages with those from
>   dotdeb. I have also mysql-client from dotdeb. I didn't get any issue
>   on upgrades... Also upgrading one machine from sarge to etch went
>   without problems, the same php packages were available from dotdeb
>   for both sarge & etch. I just checked and I don't have anything from
>   dotdeb besides all php4*, php-pear, libapache-mod-php4,
>   libmysqlclient and mysql-common, mysql-client. Maybe problems arises
>   when someone tries to use dotdeb's php extensions with original
>   sarge php...

Let me give you an example of inconsistency then.

php4-mysql from dotdeb was compiled against MySQL 4.1, while all package
from Debian Sarge were compiled against MySQL 4. When using php4-mysql
with libapache-mod-php4 and another apache module that uses MySQL, the
result is ... apache doing segfault !!!

That's not the only problem. I have also experienced some problem in
MySQL 5 that was incompatible with the one from Debian. I had to to dump
all db, then replace MySQL 5 from dotdeb by the debian package (after
removing /var/lib/mysql), and then reimport.

These are the kind of "jokes" that could be avoided by taking care of
consistency, and there was some more.


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