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Re: i-ram vs. tmpfs (was: Re: Mail clustering)

> Am 2007-04-05 10:05:34, schrieb Craig Sanders:
> > yep, that and postfix (or other MTA) queues.
> > 
> > disk i/o is the main bottleneck in any mail server. if you can offload
> > that to fast (but battery-backed!), ram-disk then you have a massive
> > performance gain on a loaded mail server.

On 10.04.07 17:48, Michelle Konzack wrote:
> AFAIK need the journal or ext3 at least 32 MByte
> and then per GByte storage 8 MByte again

The journal must be 1024 to 102400 times the blocksize on the filesystem
(see man mke2fs)

> Which mean, I have a journal of over 28 GByte!
> (Raid-5: 13x 300 GByte + 2x 300 GByte HotSpare)

are you sure you are talking about ext3?

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