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Re: Dedicated Servers in China

Soenke Ruempler - NorthClick wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know good providers for dedicated servers with Debian support in
> China?
> Thanks in advance.
> -soenke


I am french living in Shanghai. As I have a hosting company (gplhost), I
had a look at the environment here, as I have planned to build a
registered company in Shanghai, and start hosting business here soon (I
don't know when yet). So I can tell about what I have seen and search
here so far.

In shanghai, in all the "public data centers" that I heard about, you
can have access only to china net, china telecom or china unicom. I have
visited 3 data centers in here. It was REALLY hot in one of them (more
than 25°C for sure (I couldn't check, but this is what I felt), and it
was literally freezing in that cold day of February), another one had
"manual" fire protection (nothing on the roof), and the last one has
carpet floor. So, nothing to our standard that I have seen.

The price here for collocation vary from 5000 to 7000 RMB per year and
per U, depending on the location. I didn't go that far to ask how much
power and bandwidth you get as I thought the data centers were not good

For the bandwidth, the problem is simple: either you host in main land,
and then the sites will be slow to reach from the outside (rest of the
world), either you host it away, and it's slow from China (note: most of
the time, it's slow from one of the 2 ADSL main provider in china,
either china net in the north of the country, either china telecom in
the south). Here is an experience that will make you understand.
Yesterday I was in Shenzhen. It's 40 minutes from the center of
HongKong, by metro (a 1 million town). From there, I tried to upgrade my
laptop from sarge to etch, and the connection to ftp.hk.debian.org was
REALLY slow (from the hotel, using china net, 16 KB/s). Then to
debian.cn99.com, hosted with a link to china net, it was up to 210KB/s,
but I believe it was more than 2000km away. From Singapore, it was
allright to connect to ftp.hk.debian.org.

To me, the only solution, is to have a "nearly direct" connection to
both china net and china telecom, and also have some good connections to
the ouside world. As much as I know, the only place that can offer this
is Hongkong. In some data centers in HK, you can get connected to BOTH
the chinese ISP and some good international ISP (most tier 1 operators
present in asia, I believe).

I'd like to share this experience with other people reading this list
and living in China if there are any (my goal is NOT to host from HK, as
I think that having some space in Singapore like we do is about the
same: I want to go in main land as well).

Soenke, if you want to continue on this topic, or hear about my contacts
in HK, you can get in touch with me directly (I don't know if there are
a lot's of people interested by this topic here).

Thomas Goirand

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