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Re: file system journaling (was: Re: i-ram vs. tmpfs

Roman Pertl wrote:
On [Fri, 13.04.2007 12:06], Anders Breindahl wrote:
AB> On 200704101607, Michael Loftis wrote:
AB> > RAID-5 is extremely slow at writes. Also can't forget about seeks. AB> > Depending on your access patterns an external journal can be a definite AB> > win, sometimes it's always a win with certain access patterns. EXT3 also AB> > by default only journals metadata, not data, which means the write rate to AB> > the journal is relatively low. AB> AB> Allow me to correct: AB> AB> Ext3 journals both data and metadata. Xfs only journals metadata. But
AB> that might be a relevant issue here, too, as many seem to prefer xfs on
AB> their mail servers.

no, that's not correct. ext3 can do both, jounral only metadata or
metadata+data, although i don't know what's the default.

Default is "ordered" mode.

        When the filesystem is mounted with journalling enabled, all data is forced directly out to the main
        file system prior to its metadata being committed to the journal.

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