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Re: Mail clustering

--On March 20, 2007 4:14:40 PM +0100 Cherubini Enrico <kevin@bestkevin.com> wrote:

Good day,
we have 2 mail server, one with antispam/antivirus services and another
one without them, both with postfix and another server with mysql db
backend storing login/password. We are happy with this, but needing to
increase performance, we are looking for load balancing solutions. The
first wat I was thinking about, is to move the storing from the servers
to a single NFS server, and use the mail/pop3 server just as "engine"
that check
login/password on the mysql db and access data in the NFS and load balance
with dns round robin through the various servers I can use as frontend.
The uplink is a 34Mbps so I don't think NFS is a problem for performances.
Servers are different, the antivirus/antispam is only for receiving, while
the other(s) is(are) for both receive and send.

Do you think this would be a good solution ? Is there a better solution
than round robin (ie, perdition or iptables with DNAT based on
stattistical redirection) ?

Historically atleast storing mail on NFS has been dicey at best. Maildir kinda seems to tolerate it. Mbox format will not tolerate it. What we do here is use a cyrus MURDER cluster with multiple machines dedicated to being backend/storage and multiple machines dedicated to frontent/proxy duty, and then a bunch of machines doing SMTP+SPAM+AV (postfix, mailscanner, spamassassin) scanning for all the incoming mail. They deliver to the actual backends via cyrus' LMTP.



Bye Enrico

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