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Re: windows dynamic storage

On 2/27/07, Tim Warnock <timoid@getonit.net.au> wrote:
From: Wojciech Ziniewicz [mailto:wojciech.ziniewicz@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, 28 February 2007 08:36
To: Debian Isp
Subject: Re: windows dynamic storage

> thx.. after long research - what you say is what we will probably do..
> we will use cygwin on the windows server so it will run rsync daemon.
> what is rather pesimistic is that copying big files through even 1gbit
> uplink with cygwin (that resides on windows ;/) is v. complicated to
> rely on ;)
> regardz.
> --
> Wojciech Ziniewicz

you can use volume shadow copy in xp and 2003 to create filesystem
level snapshots manually with a few tools.  then you can rsync the
snapshot contents.


cygwin apps (rsync, openssh, other goodies to make life with windows a
little more bearable):

Noah Dain
"The beatings will continue, until moral improves" - the Management

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