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RE: windows dynamic storage

From: Wojciech Ziniewicz [mailto:wojciech.ziniewicz@gmail.com] 
Sent: Wednesday, 28 February 2007 08:36
To: Debian Isp
Subject: Re: windows dynamic storage

> thx.. after long research - what you say is what we will probably do..
> we will use cygwin on the windows server so it will run rsync daemon.
> what is rather pesimistic is that copying big files through even 1gbit
> uplink with cygwin (that resides on windows ;/) is v. complicated to
> rely on ;)
> regardz.
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> Wojciech Ziniewicz
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Windows has a tool called robocopy that is very similar to rsync. Its
client only, so theres no need to run an rsync server.

It will copy only files that have changed (and can even delete old files
that are no longer there in its mirror mode), and will retry files that
are in use for a configurable amount of times.

Theoretically, you could use robocopy on your servers to keep a mirror
on another samba powered linux box or windows box.

mirrored hard drives and redundant power supplies ftw!

Tim Warnock

ISP Technical Manager
getonit internet
1300 88 00 97
timoid (at) getonit.net.au

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