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Re: Hosting control panel


Heres the story:
I tried the dtc instalation once more this time with the dc-toaster package and i had everything working..
The last time i was installing all necessary packages first and then the dtc package with apt-get and it was not installing the package manager and all

I have a major concern .(i am not sure of this!).I think dtc's apache is trying to write the log  to a mysql database. Will it slow the machine down for high traffic sites as for every hit it is recieving it has to create a mysql conenction

So heres a comparison between DTC and VHCS from a end user

PROS:A good developer community who defends their product!
Feature rich( all basic facilities + mailing lists+ spam +antivirus+package installer)
Promises many changes in the near future

CONS: Useability is poor compared to VHCS, Forum (users!) posts are less

PROS: By far the most useable control panel (looks like plesk,but very useable than plesk)
A very active forum(most issues solutions can be found by a forum search!)

CONS: The developer community is literally in the underworld.Developer policies are hindering a true open source development.Even though the site promises a version 3 and future enhancements of version 2 ,there is no news for a long time
Only basic facilities for a web-host

On 11/18/06, Sturla Holm Hansen <sturla@hitconsult.no> wrote:
Hi list
I'm trying to figure out which hosting control panel to use and I'm
currently trying to try out alternc, but the documentation is only in
french... :(
Anyone know of any english documentation on this or have any suggestions
to other hosting control panels I should check out?



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