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EVMS stability [was: Re: storage server & scalability]

On Thursday 23 November 2006 21:36, Ward Vandewege wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 23, 2006 at 09:30:59PM +0200, Alexandros Papadopoulos wrote:
> > Check out
> > http://evms.sourceforge.net/ for a system that promises to make all that
> > less painful.
> Right - promises is the key word here. I've found EVMS unstable on 64 bit.
> I think it will be a *very* long time before I entrust my data to EVMS.

I'd be very interested to read more about your experience with EVMS, as I 
haven't tried it on production systems yet. It's good to know what to avoid 
and why.



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