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Re: Hosting control panel

Anoop Alias wrote:
> Hello,
> Heres the story:
> ==============================
> ===================
> I tried the dtc instalation once more this time with the dc-toaster
> package and i had everything working..

Great! Seems you are not the only one, the number of complain about the
installer not being easy to use is a lot lower since few months. But
believe me, having something like 120 package in the dependencies and 26
full software to reconfigure automatically is not an easy task. Seems we
are on the good path those last months.

> The last time i was installing all necessary packages first and then the
> dtc package with apt-get and it was not installing the package manager
> and all

The package manager has been separated from the rest of the package
because it will never be uploaded to Debian (for security management
concern by the Debian team).

> I have a major concern .(i am not sure of this!).I think dtc's apache is
> trying to write the log  to a mysql database.

Yes this is the way it works.

> Will it slow the machine
> down for high traffic sites as for every hit it is recieving it has to
> create a mysql conenction

No, this will NOT slow down your apache. In fact, it's even faster in
many cases to use a MySQL query than to log in 12974309274 different
open files for the custom_log directive of apache that will load your
kernel memory with file descriptors. Also, one great advantage of this
system is that it can SCALE. You could have many apache servers that
would log to the same MySQL server, and that MySQL server could be a

On my experience, this is a very powerful and nice system.

> ====
> PROS:A good developer community who defends their product!
> Feature rich( all basic facilities + mailing lists+ spam
> +antivirus+package installer)
> Promises many changes in the near future
> CONS: Useability is poor compared to VHCS
> Forum (users!) posts are less
> ====
> PROS: By far the most useable control panel (looks like plesk,but very
> useable than plesk)
> A very active forum(most issues solutions can be found by a forum search!)
> CONS: The developer community is literally in the underworld.Developer
> policies are hindering a true open source development.Even though the
> site promises a version 3 and future enhancements of version 2 ,there is
> no news for a long time
> Only basic facilities for a web-host

What I can tell is that our control panel is hard to compare to others,
simply because I did NOT look at others when writing it. At the end, I
don't like the way others work, with a big menu to navigate on the left,
and that's it. So it will take more time to be used to that
"non-standard" way of showing the things, but it's for the best, I hope.

Anyway, thanks for your review, I'm always happy to have other's opinions.


P.S: We always try reply in less than 24 hours in the forum, I check it
at least twice a day if not more. So if you post, you will get your
answer very fast.

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