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Re: Hosting control panel

gplhost is very crude..i just tried to install it and its almost a mess.

I guess VHCS (vhcs.net) is a very good project and if it has a package installer like fantastico it will rock .
But the gplhost package installer never worked for me!
the forum has not that many posts(compare with VHCS) and conceptually also vhcs is far ahead..
But the project has not made a release for quite sometime..i guess its bcz they are on the devel of ver 3.0 (a complete rewrite)


On 11/18/06, Sturla Holm Hansen <sturla@hitconsult.no> wrote:
Hi list
I'm trying to figure out which hosting control panel to use and I'm
currently trying to try out alternc, but the documentation is only in
french... :(
Anyone know of any english documentation on this or have any suggestions
to other hosting control panels I should check out?



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