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Re: Hosting control panel

On Sun, Nov 19, 2006 at 07:04:05AM -0800, Anoop Alias wrote:
> I guess VHCS (vhcs.net) is a very good project and if it has a package
> installer like fantastico it will rock .
> But the gplhost package installer never worked for me!
> the forum has not that many posts(compare with VHCS) and conceptually also
> vhcs is far ahead..
> But the project has not made a release for quite sometime..i guess its bcz
> they are on the devel of ver 3.0 (a complete rewrite)

Earlier this summer, I installed VHCS, as it was apt-getable and very
easy to do. On the same week I installed it and started poking at it for
review, a colleague who was running it in production started asking me
lots of security questions related to 'how do I know if I've been
hacked... ' - as someone used a bug in VHCS to hack his box. 

I also found VHCS lacking in secure mothds of transfer - FTP, mail, etc.
It very often left user credentials in the clear. Out of the box, which
is the way a lot of people would want to use it, it was very insecure. I
dumped it. Of course, this was months ago and I do assume that many
improvements have been made or will be made as their new version comes

however, this was my experience, so I thought I'd share. Very easy setup
and config, but very insecure. And my friend was hacked through it. Not
good signs then. (still not good signs)

Hopefully they've worked on improvements. 



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