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Re: Hosting control panel

Sturla Holm Hansen wrote:
> Hi list
> I'm trying to figure out which hosting control panel to use and I'm
> currently trying to try out alternc, but the documentation is only in
> french... :(
> Anyone know of any english documentation on this or have any suggestions
> to other hosting control panels I should check out?
> Thanx
> Sturla


Forget about AlternC, it's a dead project, nobody works on it anymore.

I'm currently working to have our control panel uploaded in Debian
Unstable. See this page for more details:


This one is VERY active, apart from me that work on it nearly everyday
of my life since about 4 years, there is about 5 to 10 active
contributors, and many translators.

It's currently not as pretty as others, but I've just order a redesign
from the designer of our website, so I trust this is about to change
very soon.


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