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Re: Hosting control panel

I have to defend my work on this one! :)

Anoop Alias wrote:
> gplhost is very crude..i just tried to install it and its almost a mess.

When did you try? We did quite some work now on the installer those past
months, and it's in a better shape. "apt-get install dtc-toaster" and
it's done, working under Sarge and Sid (with more than 120 packages
dependencies), I don't see what's so hard, really...

> I guess VHCS (vhcs.net <http://vhcs.net>) is a very good project and if
> it has a package installer like fantastico it will rock.

We have that now. But unfortunately, that can NEVER be uploaded to
Debian, because of the security fix concerns. We are shipping it on our
own repository.

> But the gplhost package installer never worked for me!

Why didn't you get in touch?

> the forum has not that many posts(compare with VHCS)

Do you think a project is better because more post in the forum? And you
are saying yourself that you didn't succeed in installing, how can you
compare then? I chatted with some users that switched form VHCS, and
they are very happy of it...

> and conceptually
> also vhcs is far ahead..

Why far ahead? We have so much more features! Because it has that
"modular" thing? Useless when there is only few programmers doing the
job (only Alex???). Also, VHCS had many security flaws and no
announcement where made(things I heard, I didn't really had the time to

Plus the fact that VHCS forces you to use the version it likes of
everything, which is rather bad: it will prevent it from ever being
uploaded to debian. I'm currently working with Daniel Baumann for it
(sbox-dtc has just been validated, I'm waiting for libapache-mod-log-sql
soon, and Daniel will upload dtc to be reviewed by the ftp masters right
now). I think they are far behind, except maybe for billing, ssl and
reseller interface.


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