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please, quit "whinging" about the legal part. pretty sure that anyone you offend are completely aware about it.
and, as far as i can see, this is not some court but debian-isp as far as i know. pretty much of the offenders (as far as i can see they seem to offend - you, somehow) do know about the fact what list is and the formal point of acceptance from the mail servers using it to block.

are you really do care only for the "legal part"? go and make us some laws if so.

can someone share their opinion against some blacklists without being "shoot on sight" from you with this kind of inconsistent arguments?

just to prevent some argument - i've seen quite worse argumentation and IT sense from ill behaved "spam fighters". not talking about you.

PS naming and labeling people are generally last resort, and if someone finds himself constantly doing it, maybe it is time to stop. either answering or reading the irritating material.

Craig Sanders wrote:
On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 06:55:12AM +0200, Marek Podmaka wrote:
yes. that SORBS policy working as documented. they looked 
like dynamic IPs according to the rDNS, there was no other 
evidence to the contrary - they *should* have been listed.
When I say you are a murderer, do you have to provide me evidence that you
are not? 
more shrill hyperbole. the consequences of a murder conviction are far
more severe than the consequences of a DUL listing. comparing one to the
other is bogus (in your favour, though...at least you didn't make a lame
comparison to nazi germany).

also, a murder conviction is a legally established *fact*. a DUL listing
is merely the _expression_ of an *opinion*.

No. Instead I have to provide an evidence that you are. And it
should be same here. 
why?  or more to the point: no.

If they say some IP is dynamic, they should have evidence for
that. Why should I prove them that it is not??
it's their list. they can have whatever criteria they like for it, and
you have no say in it at all. if other people agree with or at least
accept their criteria as being reasonable then they will use the list to
either block or tag mail. again, you have no say in that at all either.

quit whinging and just accept the fact that people can run their mail
servers however they like, without regard to your convenience.



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