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Re: More sorbs blacklisting

On Sun, 2006-07-09 at 20:50 +0100, Pigeon wrote:

> The rules are ridiculous and arbitrary. I don't see why either I or my
> ISP should have to jump through ridiculous hoops to resolve this
> problem, especially given the arrogant, unhelpful and uncommunicative
> nature of the SORBS management as evidenced by innumerable Google
> search results and the SORBS website itself. SORBS's requirement of a
> payment of $50 for a delisting - whether or not that would apply in
> this case - is also very likely to put an ISP off. They could be
> liable for a similar extortion over every IP block they own... Will my
> ISP *really* be willing to set a TTL of 43200 on the DNS records for
> my IP when they use something different as standard? I doubt it...

If you go an re-read the FAQ page at SORBS, the $50 donation is ONLY for
those scumbag spammers to get delisted. There is nothing to pay to get
out of the DUHL. Also, the DUHL is actually submitted primarily by the
ISP's who own the netblocks in question so its pretty easy for them to
get them take out of the duhl when they want them out.


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