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Re: postfix-compatible local delivery agent sought

martin f krafft wrote:
> Also, while I can tell it to us a specific script, but I cannot seem
> to be able to tell it the base/home directory. And finally, it seems
> it cannot do Maildir.

Clearly: YES!

Cyrus doesnt accept anything that modifies the "cyrus mailstore/dir", as
it always keeps track of the mail in the users mailstore via indexes by
itself and updates them if new mail is delivered. This speeds up the
mail stuff a lot (even searching in mails via 'squatter')

While I cannot imagine what you like to do with the the users Maildir
that cannot be achieved with sieve, you surely have somethings very
special ;)

BTW: Sieve can do all kinds of sorting, autoresponders etc. ... I give
my users access to the sieve stuff via this great squirrelmail plugin:


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