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postfix-compatible local delivery agent sought


I have a new system with about 180 grandma users and 20 power users.
Since the system has to do virtual mail hosting anyway, I gave
virtual mailboxes to the 180 users and used virtual aliases to
redirect mail for the 20 power users to their shell accounts. This
all works.

What we're lacking now is a consistent way to hook in on a per-user
basis, but also for system-wide mail processing *after* postfix has
determined the local user to be used for delivery.

Postfix comes with local(8) and virtual(8), and they are both okay,
but virtual cannot run commands (security feature), and local cannot
run global commands.

Theres mailbox_command, which we can use to delegate local delivery
to another LDA:

  - there's procmail. It's a pig, and despite its weight, stench,
    and stiff-bristled feel, it does not honour /etc/aliases, and it
    cannot be used for virtual delivery.

    I prefer to stay away.

  - there's maildrop, which could be used as local and virtual
    replacement, but it does not listen to anyone telling it about
    $HOME, instead wants to determine the location itself (see
    #375589). This presents a problem unless the virtual
    architecture is done exactly the way the Courier folks want it,
    which is not an alternative.

What I am looking for is a local delivery agent which I can hook
into postfix (ideally as a transport), which will just listen to
what postfix has to say and do stuff?

I guess I could write a wrapper for maildrop, which drops privileges
before calling maildrop, but that'll add the overhead of
shell/perl/python/whatever for the wrapper.

Until #375589 gets fixed (if ever), do you know of a performant LDA
I could use with postfix, which provides a mail filter scripting
interface (maildrop-compatible, ideally), but otherwise doesn't try
to reinvent the wheel?

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