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Re: postfix-compatible local delivery agent sought

martin f krafft wrote:
> I don't think the choice of IMAP server should matter at all.
> I should be able to use multiple IMAP servers and still have it
> work, more or less.
> I use dovecot, simply because Cyrus is too complex and gives me no
> benefits over dovecot in the environments I have to admin.
> Anyway, I took a look at sieve, and it does not look like it can do
> what I want: it's a script to process existing mailboxes, not one to
> deliver into mailboxes.
> Also, while I can tell it to us a specific script, but I cannot seem
> to be able to tell it the base/home directory. And finally, it seems
> it cannot do Maildir.

Sounds like you want Dovecot LDA (Local Delivery Agent)


It has the following features:

# Mailbox indexing during mail delivery, quicker mailbox access
# Quota enforcing by plugin
# Sieve language support

    * Mail filtering
    * Mail forwarding
    * Vacation auto-reply

And sieve is a mail filtering language, not a script to process
exisiting mailboxes. (Fastmail has excellent examples and info

It works in a very similar way to procmail and is implemented in Dovecot

I use LDA with Dovecot on etch and i'm very happy with it.


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