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Re: postfix-compatible local delivery agent sought

--On June 27, 2006 3:23:38 PM +0200 martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:

also sprach Andreas John <aj@net-lab.net> [2006.06.27.1342 +0200]:
Hm, you don't mention the POP/IMAP server you are using, but ideally
Postfix delivers to cyrus via lmtp (no flames please ;)).

I don't think the choice of IMAP server should matter at all.
I should be able to use multiple IMAP servers and still have it
work, more or less.

I use dovecot, simply because Cyrus is too complex and gives me no
benefits over dovecot in the environments I have to admin.

Anyway, I took a look at sieve, and it does not look like it can do
what I want: it's a script to process existing mailboxes, not one to
deliver into mailboxes.

Also, while I can tell it to us a specific script, but I cannot seem
to be able to tell it the base/home directory. And finally, it seems
it cannot do Maildir.

Not sure which 'it' you're talking about when you say it. Postfix is completely capable of doing Maildir delivery. Cyrus maintains it's own mail stores and system. You don't access the stores directly, ever. You go via IMAP, POP3, LMTP or other supported protocols (I think IMAP and POP3 are it for right now, but nothings stopping anyone from writing in others).

I've found cyrust to be a LOT more flexible in larger environments precisely because it doesn't do Maildir. Users screw up their home directories. They also don't understand much of anything. There are the exceptions obviously. Also it means that each and every user doesn't necessarily *need* a unix login and password.

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