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Re: More sorbs blacklisting

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 10:46:15 +0200, scholler@fnb.tu-darmstadt.de
(Christoph Ulrich Scholler) wrote:

>On 20.06. 02:15, John Kelly wrote:

>> I'll gladly sacrifice 20% of "legit" mail to stop 99.5% of all SPAM.

>I am amazed.  If everybody thought (and configured their mail servers)
>like this, one in every five legitimate emails would be undeliverable.
>In order to communicate reliably, I would have to resend every fifth
>email from a different mail host.

No, that's false.

100% of mail originating from servers having proper DNS will succeed.
If you can't set up proper DNS, then you will suffer.  But why should
I share in your suffering?

>> If everybody would get tough, like me, the clueless admins might get a
>> clue.

>If everybody would get tough, like you, email will die.

No, but the clueless admins will become extinct.  And good riddance.

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