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Re: More sorbs blacklisting

"I'll gladly sacrifice 20% of "legit" mail to stop 99.5% of all SPAM."
"... but the clueless admins will become extinct.  And good riddance."

quite ... hardcore.

so, as far as i can seen, let's kill 20% of the email and some clueless admins;
(only part of them, there are way too many cluefull admins configuring their "anti spam" to sacrifice anything just to make it harder for all of the clueless admins)

i'll try to keep this my last message here:

we've overburden the poor smt protocol with all sort of s*hit, addons, filters et cetera. we even fall in the trap of saying words like "kill 20%" "clueless admins" etc.

and we do fall in this just because of some spammers. sure, but... why do we hide from them, instead of making the fences right?

it is like to have all people in town watched by some kind of secret police, instead of marking them as good citizens at the gates.

i.e. registration process for the mail servers, just like the reverse DNS registration.

that is. i'm sick and tired from all this bull***s*hit and naming someone "clueless" - all this fscking system with the blacklists is clueless. fancy, sometimes even working, but for God sake, clueless by nature and from the beginning.
so, let's make it more complicated, let's the admins kill each other... and 20% of the "legit" mail.
i'm sick and tired. wake up, that's clueless - the blacklists in their current "all instead of the listed" form are clueless. the reverse is clueless. the DSL filtering is killing clueless - why, hell why if i do have a modem i should not have mail server? how much we do need to put as effort to close holes - just to see that we do not have a fence AND still trying to build doors and lock them...

again, THAT is clueless. not some admin sick and tired from this endless blabbing and endless "technology advance" (read: new door for the spammers laughting to avoid).

if it is easier to be a spammer than to setup NORMAL mail server - then, hell with this "anti-spam technology" or whatever. just, please, don't label admins "clueless". you may be the next one - not with the email, but for some other the aspects of the our poor and "clueoverburden" it world.

PS. EOF, i'll really stop think about it. it is really pity to see all of us falling into this endless pit. bye from me at least 4 now.

John Kelly wrote:

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006 10:46:15 +0200, scholler@fnb.tu-darmstadt.de
(Christoph Ulrich Scholler) wrote:

On 20.06. 02:15, John Kelly wrote:

I'll gladly sacrifice 20% of "legit" mail to stop 99.5% of all SPAM.

I am amazed.  If everybody thought (and configured their mail servers)
like this, one in every five legitimate emails would be undeliverable.
In order to communicate reliably, I would have to resend every fifth
email from a different mail host.

No, that's false.

100% of mail originating from servers having proper DNS will succeed.
If you can't set up proper DNS, then you will suffer.  But why should
I share in your suffering?

If everybody would get tough, like me, the clueless admins might get a

If everybody would get tough, like you, email will die.

No, but the clueless admins will become extinct.  And good riddance.

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