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Re: More sorbs blacklisting

Christoph Ulrich Scholler wrote:


On 20.06. 02:15, John Kelly wrote:
I'll gladly sacrifice 20% of "legit" mail to stop 99.5% of all SPAM.

I am amazed.  If everybody thought (and configured their mail servers)
like this, one in every five legitimate emails would be undeliverable.
In order to communicate reliably, I would have to resend every fifth
email from a different mail host.  How painful!  I doubt that very many
people would put up with a system that unreliable.

if only 20% though like this, you should resend every important email from a different host:). or rely only to some sort of confirmation to be sure.


If everybody would get tough, like me, the clueless admins might get a

If everybody would get tough, like you, email will die.
it is true - the email is dying already, considering the situation, the email messages are far down from their potential.

After all, email is a means of communication.  You want to be able to
contact people and hear back from them.  It has weak points in its
design which can not be "fixed" by reducing message delivery to a

there is no real try to fix the weak points. there are only workarounds, police countermeasures, but not a solution. and as far as we rely on symptomatic threatment, we'll stay sick.



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