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Re: route throught wall or above the head ?

2006/6/26, Leonardo Boselli <leo@dicea.unifi.it>:
The "temporary" links is in effect the anticipation of the contract for
the definitive one. Unfortunately the contract has been signed before i
was allowed to get the thing in my hands and stated the beginning of the
service from end of october. (it had infact to be 1 october ...2005, the
conpletion of the building has been late, so the contract has moved at
the dame day next year)
If i ask to have my conenction anticipated i have to pay the setup fee
(about 300E), that would be void if i accept the previous contract. Since
i need the connection just for download of
heavy files and not for time sensitive operation i can say that even if it
works 3 hours a day it is ok ....
Consider that for the reason given there is an hidden, not quantifiable,
"moral cost" beside the 300 Euros .... so i wish to avoid it if possible.
Since you said you tired a similar arrngement with unhappy results, can
youi tell me how was that setup and what were the problems ?

Mainly the 2.4 GHz technology ( transfer between two dlink APs was .. funny ),
the link was disconnecting for a milisecond (about two times an hour).
There was very big density of such links in the air (another APs
etc..) but i I were You i would take that "temp" link and don't think
of this problem anymore. Moreover - you can also set up this dlink
link just for fun. I wonder- if you have to use the link one time a
day (probably logs orsomething) - wouldn't it be easier to transport
the data on DVD or something ?

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