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Re: Pentium IV router vs. Cisco router

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Miehs <andrew@2sheds.de> writes:

    Andrew> On Feb 28, 2006, at 11:06 AM, Johannes Resch wrote:

    Andrew> BGP on the other hand - How much RAM do you need nowerdays
    Andrew> for a full BGP feed? 256M? Does he want to do complicated
    Andrew> load balancing? or just failover with BGP? Does he need
    Andrew> full routing tables? Based on his answer, I don't think
    Andrew> they have really decided on the requirements yet.

Make that 512M for a full table, nowadays. I have 178519 routes in
table right now. Of course, you should see if you need a full table
from your provider(s), or if you can live with a default and the
customer routes, or only the default. Depends what kind of customers
you (or rather the original poster) have.


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