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Re: Pentium IV router vs. Cisco router

On Feb 28, 2006, at 11:06 AM, Johannes Resch wrote:

On Sun, February 26, 2006 21:23, Andrew Miehs said:


You may even want to look at a 26xx as that should probably be fast
enough if you
only want 2 ethernets, and are doing fast switching....

if you need to move 'real' 100 mbit/sec, this is not a good idea.

Hi Johannes,

:-) If you are pushing 100Mb/s - agreed! But the orginal poster was
if I remember correctly is pushing 6Mb/s per direction. So even if
he has a link speed of 100Mb/s - he does not necessarily need such
a big router....

BGP on the other hand - How much RAM do you need nowerdays for a full
BGP feed? 256M? Does he want to do complicated load balancing? or just
failover with BGP? Does he need full routing tables? Based on his answer,
I don't think they have really decided on the requirements yet.

The same goes for the QoS question....

This all effects, as you quite clearly stated, the choice of router...

And that is why I asked the orginal poster those questions.... :-)



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