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Re: Pentium IV router vs. Cisco router

On Feb 25, 2006, at 12:15 AM, Pablo wrote:

I have 300 CMs, (Cable Modems) average pack: 512kbps each one, behind a border router (CMs->CMTS->border router) with this CPU:

I take it that you only have one cable modem concentrator on your end...

How many cable modems can your 'CMTS' deal with?
How many do you want to have in a years time?

The border router is currently running linux? (the stats you provided)?

If so, you may want to look at the output from vmstat , and look at
'cpu sys' and interrupts.

Are you using any QoS features? or are you just routing the traffic?
Is your border router running static routes? or are you using bgp?

Can you see if packets are being dropped? I am not 100% sure that netstat -i
really shows correct statistics...

But the big question is, what should this whole setup look like in 12 months,
and does it make sense to invest in expensive cisco hardware.

Don't forget - if you do go for cisco, you will need to have a spare of every card, and chasis, so you will probably need two chasis, 3 or four interface cards...

Just a few thoughts...


PS: I prefer using real routers, as they can switch packets in their hardware... You may even want to look at a 26xx as that should probably be fast enough if you
only want 2 ethernets, and are doing fast switching....

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