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Re: Which mail server?

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On 02/24/2006 12:46 PM, Mustafa Kutsal Ay wrote:
> yes, its quite true. i am sure qmail has patches to do both of the works.
> but, it is also the problem itself.
> qmail has too much patches, after patching so many times it becomes
> unstable.
> postfix is not good at performance comparing to qmail (i mean slightly
> slower), but it can do the same things in the painless way.
> ps: and i dont ever know any patch that qmail does  all deliveries at
> one smtp transaction.

	Just a quick note, qmail-ldap patch is pretty good, it
incorporates a lot of other patches in a single patch and it
is very well maintained by Andre Oppermann and Claud Jeker. I
don't like qmail patch structure or netqmail, but qmail-ldap
shows up as a very good solution to integrate with LDAP and
in certain aspects the approach is better than postfix-ldap
and exim-ldap. :-)


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