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Re: Intel iE7230 and SARGE?

I have Supermicro X6DVL here with Lindenhurst and have very strange issue with 
it: the debian/sarge installer (amd64 and i386) detects the sata correctly 
but cannot find the cdrom that is connected to the PATA. It's using ata_piix.
Any ideas? The chipset calls itself Intel E7320, supermicro put up this:

On Tuesday 21 February 2006 21:34, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> tomfi wrote:
> > Farhan Faisal - Budihost Web Hosting & Services napsal(a):
> >> Hello there,
> >>
> >> Did you install debian on Intel iE7230 motherboard previously? Did it
> >> works fine?
> >>
> >> I'm planning to install debian, but I only got the same mobo as yours.
> >
> > Not yet.... but it look´s good. Source codes of SATA drivers and
> > ethernet drivers are on Intel site... I must try if it coud by
> > compiled correctly and asume if buy this board....  I dont have it
> > yet, becouse of time synchronization with other things  ....  If your
> > try will by succesful... share your experience... Thanks
> That chipset uses ICH5, so it should be ok to use it. I have a
> Supermicro with ICH5, it really worked well, and the setup was done in
> 30 minutes. I bet it will all be the same for any dual xeon boards using
> ICH5, but I'd be happy to know as well. Anyway, is there a way to get
> dual-core xeon at less than $1000?
> A friend is going to take a ICH6R board (supermicro P8SCI), I'll be able
> to tell if it works well or not.
> Sorry for those who think we are off-topic, but hardware can really
> gives head-hake, and exchanging experience helps IMHO.
> Thomas

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