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Re: Intel iE7230 and SARGE?

tomfi wrote:
Farhan Faisal - Budihost Web Hosting & Services napsal(a):
Hello there,

Did you install debian on Intel iE7230 motherboard previously? Did it
works fine?

I'm planning to install debian, but I only got the same mobo as yours.
Not yet.... but it look´s good. Source codes of SATA drivers and ethernet drivers are on Intel site... I must try if it coud by compiled correctly and asume if buy this board.... I dont have it yet, becouse of time synchronization with other things .... If your try will by succesful... share your experience... Thanks
That chipset uses ICH5, so it should be ok to use it. I have a Supermicro with ICH5, it really worked well, and the setup was done in 30 minutes. I bet it will all be the same for any dual xeon boards using ICH5, but I'd be happy to know as well. Anyway, is there a way to get dual-core xeon at less than $1000?

A friend is going to take a ICH6R board (supermicro P8SCI), I'll be able to tell if it works well or not.

Sorry for those who think we are off-topic, but hardware can really gives head-hake, and exchanging experience helps IMHO.


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