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Re: missing disk space

At 02:26 PM 2/7/2006 -0500, Peter Dumpert wrote:
>The first thing I found was that df and du did not even come close to 
>agreeing. Here is the most recent:
>home:~# df -h /var
>Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
>/dev/sda2              10G  8.8G  716M  93% /var
>home:~# du -hs /var
>120M    /var

In addition to the dangling file handles.  df and du don't really measure
the same thing.  du is basically sum(ls -R dir).  i.e. it reads the
directory.  du reports the number of used *blocks* in the filesystem.  If ur
block size is 32k then even a 1 byte file uses up 32k out of the filesystem.
du would total up the size to 1 byte, the actual file length, whereas df
would total up to 32k.  If u had tens of thousands (millions?) of small
files on the partition or even larger files with small remainders it could
lead to a huge discrepancy between du and df.

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