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Re: [OT] Rackmount Cases w/PS?

I recommend Enlight's rackmount cases. They're very nicely constructed compared to the SVEC cases, come with power supplies and have suitable mounting layouts for popular server boards. They're fairly readily available in Australia.

Shane Chrisp wrote:

On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 13:12 -0600, Jacob S wrote:
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Anyone on the list build their own rackmount computers/servers? I've
been looking to do this recently but noticed all of the rackmount cases
seem to be at least 5 times the price of regular towers. And that's
without a backplane or hot-swap bays.
Is this just a fact of life in the rackmount world, or can someone
point me in the direction of good quality rackmounts for a decent price?

Cant speak for your part of the world, but in Australia, a decent rack
case costs a lot more than a similar tower style case. There are however
a few no frills cases around which are much cheaper. Take a look at the
SVEC cases if someone nearby to you stocks them. Typically I have found
that the 4RU cases are the most cost effective, not to mention the
simplist to build as you dont need to worry about half height cards,
risers etc.


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Informed Technology
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