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Re: Best file system

also sprach Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> [2006.02.04.0022 +0100]:
> XFS does quite well on recovering the filesystem metadata after
> a crash. You get all inodes, directories, etc.  But some of them
> will have a bunch of zeros instead of real data, and what pisses
> me off is that you have to manually hunt down the files that were
> damaged this way.

Let's write a tool then.

> Presumably, anything that makes very judicious use of fsync() where
> appropriate will have less changes of corruption (the data loss window is
> much shorter than the several seconds delayed write allocation can cause).
> MTAs are known to get this right :)

You *can* tweak XFS to do that...

> Delayed writes in XFS makes all of the above useless.  It simply doesn't
> send the data to the disk, and that makes the potential data loss window a
> order of magnitude (or more) bigger than the time it takes to flush data to
> the disk with such a setup.   Although it is very possible that one can tell
> XFS to shorten or close the delayed-write window (I didn't check).


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