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Re: Best file system

also sprach wojtek <wojciech.ziniewicz@gmail.com> [2006.02.02.1034 +0100]:
> actually I'm using ext3 for /boot for his solidity , XFS for others, and 
> sometimes change to reiserfs on the less crucial data on /home (like some 
> homefolders that are being backuped) because i noticed that reiserfs is 
> faster than ohter FS's. 

Don't make blanket statements.


It's almost always slower than XFS, except for deletion, which is
a known problem for XFS. Also reiserfs is optimised for huge numbers
of small files. I doubt your homedirectories have those. Not even
the unpacked Linux kernel source handles faster on reiserfs. Fact is
that reiserfs really sucks when you get to bigger files, and the
overhead per directory makes it rather inefficient when there are
only very few files.

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