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Re: Best file system

Dnia czwartek, 2 lutego 2006 04:06, Craig Sanders napisał:
> XFS is my "standard" file system. it's rock-solid reliable, and fast. i
> use it for everything except /boot and tmpfs of course.
> craig
actually I'm using ext3 for /boot for his solidity , XFS for others, and 
sometimes change to reiserfs on the less crucial data on /home (like some 
homefolders that are being backuped) because i noticed that reiserfs is 
faster than ohter FS's. But as i say, XFS is my basic system because thru 
some years of using it not reiserfs ,nor ext3 gave me the stability and 
solidity like XFS.

Wojciech Ziniewicz (at) gmail.com

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